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Foot & Ankle Surgery

Podiatry located in Sacramento, Roseville and Folsom, CA

Foot & Ankle Surgery services offered in Sacramento, Roseville and Folsom, CA

If you suffer from chronic foot pain because of advanced arthritis or ankle instability caused by a sports injury, you could need foot and ankle surgery. At Capital Foot & Ankle, the experienced surgeons use advanced minimally invasive techniques to repair damaged bones and/or soft tissue. They can replace ankle joints worn down by arthritis to restore your mobility. Call the office in Roseville, Sacramento, or Folsom, California, today to learn more about the benefits of foot and ankle surgery, or book your consultation online.

Foot & Ankle Surgery Q&A

Why would I need foot and ankle surgery?

Foot and ankle surgery is typically a last-resort treatment for painful conditions that don’t respond to nonsurgical therapies.

Capital Foot & Ankle offers minimally invasive and traditional open foot and ankle surgeries to treat a range of conditions that cause pain, instability, and limited mobility, including:

  • Fractures
  • Bunions
  • Hammertoe
  • Bone spurs
  • Neuromas
  • Ligament, tendon, and muscle tears

They also perform ankle replacement surgery to treat severe arthritis. If you have soft-tissue masses or nonhealing diabetic foot ulcers, you probably need surgery to remove tumors or damaged tissue.

What can I expect during foot and ankle surgery?

Capital Foot & Ankle offers several types of foot and ankle surgeries on an outpatient basis, so you can expect to go home soon after your procedure.

When possible, the foot and ankle surgeons use minimally invasive techniques to repair fractures, remove bone spurs or masses, and reconstruct damaged ligaments. Minimally invasive surgery requires only tiny incisions.

Smaller incisions heal faster and cause less bleeding than open surgery, and the infection risk is much lower. But if your surgery is complex, your surgeon can use deeper, longer incisions to make repairs.

After your surgery, you’ll have to spend time recovering from the anesthetic before you can go home.

How long does it take to recover from foot and ankle surgery?

Everyone heals at their own pace after foot and ankle surgery. The Capital Foot & Ankle surgeons will discuss what to expect from your recovery during your initial consultation. They provide information in advance so that you can prepare to take time off from work and other activities.

You must care for your incisions to prevent infections. The team will show you how to change your bandages and could prescribe antibiotics.

Depending on the reason for your surgery, you might need to start walking soon after to support your healing. The Capital Foot & Ankle physicians can also recommend crutches or other supportive devices to keep your full weight off your foot or ankle.

Many people benefit from physical therapy after healing from foot and ankle surgery. Therapeutic exercises help restore your foot and ankle strength and flexibility to allow you to safely return to work and other physical activities.

Call the Capital Foot & Ankle office nearest you today to learn if foot and ankle surgery is right for you, or book your appointment online.